Monday, August 11, 2014

I Met Brad & Angelina

O...M.....G....Hello friends!! You are never going to believe this...I met Brad and Angelina, yes that Brad and Angelina!! And was in their NYC penthouse!!!! How did this happen you may ask, this is how...

One of my good friends is an amazing publicist who works with a lot of the rich and famous and she let me in on the fact that Brad and Angie were looking for a temporary nanny for the time they'd be spending in NY. I was joking at first when I said I would die for that job and my friend had the bright idea of scoring me an interview.

A few days later I had completely forgot about the ridiculous suggestion when I had gotten a phone call from my friend that she called in a few favors and got me an interview. Say whaaattt?! Craziest part was my interview was the next morning. Not much time to prep. I felt like I was living in a dream.

I was shaking with nervous energy the entire train ride into the city. I finally got to their penthouse and after security checked me out and took my bag I met with one of their assistants who interrogated me. It definitely felt like an interrogation and not an interview.

But then it happened. Brad and Angie walked in and introduced themselves. Like they needed an introduction. It was short, sweet and took everything I had not to jump up and down like a little girl. I wish I could have gotten a pic or an autograph but that definitely would not have been very professional.


What was the point of that whole little lie? To show how gullible people are when it comes to the stuff they read on the internet. Some people believe every little thing they see on the internet and as you can see it so easy for anyone to put anything up on the web. And with the beauty of social media that little lie can spread like wildfire and few people bother to check the facts. A very sad truth.

I saw a post of a supposed news article on Facebook the other day about a NYC cop who apparently arrested a woman at a bus stop for breastfeeding in public. When they grabbed her she dropped her baby and the baby died. And the NYPD made no arrests. This is absolutely absurd. People were getting so worked up commenting on this article and bashing the NYPD when this didn't even happen. If it did, wouldn't they have seen it on the actual news report not just by some random online news site.

These "articles" can really do damage. People were commenting on this article so outraged (which would have been understandable if it really happened) and were ready to start protests and all. It's all so crazy to me. How do people believe everything they read?! Do your research people and save yourself a headache. xoxo


  1. Almost got me! I usually don't believe what I read on the Internet, especially Facebook, for that very reason. Lies get told and stories get fabricated. You made a very good point, people need to research first.

  2. Ha - that would have been amazing. You are right though - it's sometimes annoying how gullable people are. The facts are out there, just look for them!

  3. Almost got me too!! I read this article on FB about men trapped underground for something crazy like 30 years. All but one survived and he'd been down there with the bodies of his co workers all that time. I was totally intrigued-then I found out it was fabricated and I felt stupid!!

  4. I am the opposite. I tend to think of everyone as a liar. So as I was reading this I was all, "Yeah right, celebs always want the nanny to be foreign so their kids can learn a foreign language. They'd never hire an American." Go me.

  5. For a second I was so excited for you meeting Brad and Angelina! But you are so right - I read that article about the breastfeeding mom on Facebook too and thought it was in horrible taste. That article didn't note anywhere that it was satire. I'm sure the NYPD is not happy about it...

  6. well I am super gullible, because I totally believed the entire story, but you are SOO right on the whole topic and main point of this article, it's way too easy to believe everything!

  7. Amen, sister! People will believe anything they read online!