Friday, August 1, 2014

A Dent For A Dent & Some Blogger Love

Happy Friday!! We made it!!! So I probably did something I shouldn't have yesterday but ya know sometimes you do some crazy things in the moment.

I went into a store with Olivia and when I came out of the store, there was a car on my passenger side that was a good 6-12 inches over the line into my spot. (Please note: I was actually parked perfectly centered in my spot.) This made it next to impossible to get Olivia in her car seat because I had no room to open the door. To make matters worse I notice a nice scratch and a dent on my passenger side door. Which was definitely made when the this horrible parker apparently flung their door open.

The scratch/dent
At this point I am livid. My first reaction is to take a photo of the car's license plate. Not that there is really anything I can do but I was kinda hoping the driver was approaching and would see me taking the photo and at least sweat it for a minute but no such luck. So after struggling with getting Olivia in her car seat because I had absolutely no room, I  "accidently" hit my door and it slammed into their door causing a similar dent/scratch. Oopsie!! Sorry not sorry mofo!

So on a less hostile note it's time to give some fellow bloggers some love with Blogger Love Friday Favorites.

All The Joys Friday Favorites

Here they are, just a few of this week's fave posts:

1 - Why I Started Writing Fashion Posts by Jana of Life Could Be A Dream - This is a great post about confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

2- Not A Fan by Meagan from All The Joys - I am not a fan of any of these things as well so I AM a fan of this post.

3- Athens In A Day by Helene from Helene In Between - I am yearning to go to Europe and Athens is definitely on my list of places to go so I loved getting to live vicariously through Helene.

4-That Day I Finished Writing My First Novel by Cece from Pink Sunshine - I also just recently finished writing a novel and completely relate to this post. I am also super proud of Cece and cannot wait to read her book!

There you have it!! Make sure you check out these posts. They are definitely worth your time! xoxo


  1. I'm loving this link up, there's a couple of posts you shared that I haven't read yet! :)

    sorry about the nasty dent though. yuck.

  2. Oh that would make me irate!! I think I would do the same... an eye for an eye you know! Thank you so much for sharing my post!!!

  3. Grrr that is the worst!! I'm sure you weren't just being vengeful but they kind of put you in a spot where you had no choice. Check out scratch and dent solution on line. I've heard that there are ways to like buff it out or something without taking it to a shop 'cause you know it would be an arm and a leg. Thanks for the share!! I can't wait to see what WE do next in our novels. Notice I said we 'cause I don't really know myself what I am going to do. : )

  4. Ummm I probably would have dented their car too :) Thanks for linking up AND sharing my post! Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  5. I think I would have, too. I hate it when that happens. I had it happen to me once and it was a huge dent on my front right bumper. I wish I had thought of doing something back! lol