Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Think I Have A Problem...

I think I have a problem...I love I mean really love to gamble. No, I do not need you to call gambler's anonymous for me but I jump on any chance to go to Atlantic City or any local casino for that matter. And Vegas...Well, that is my dream vacay! I will get there one day and take that city by storm. I know that's what they all say.

It all started when the hubby and I went on a vacation to Atlantic City for a few days many, many years ago when we first started dating. We were young and careful with our money. We were smarter then than we are now. But the worst possible thing happened...We won!! Nothing huge but enough to give us the gambling bug. I was playing this 5 cent slot and won about $250. Then, I played it the next day and won another $150. I went to the machine before we left and won another $100. Were these incredible amounts of money? No. But considering I never fed more than $20 into the machine it was good enough to get me hooked.

The next few trips we continued to win modest amounts of money. We would always at least break even which meant we basically vacationed for free. Cannot beat that! We always had so much fun that we considered going to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. But then the unthinkable happened, we started losing on our trips. We never lost anything major because we never gambled big but we were so used to winning that the first trip we didn't do so well I was furious. I was cranky the whole trip.

That experience quickly made us change our minds about Vegas as a honeymoon destination. I was afraid that if we didn't win while gambling it would put us both in a sour mood. We decided we didn't want to risk being crank pots on our honeymoon. Although, I still want to go to Vegas one day soon.

We stopped going to AC for a while after having several not so lucrative trips. When we finally started going again I did have an awesome win. We had gotten to our first casino and we wanted some drinks. The hubby told me to sit at a slot while he went to the bar to get me a drink. I put $20 in a 5 cent machine and only bet the minimum bet so the $20 would last me the entire time he was gone. I was only playing for about 5 minutes and all these bells started chiming and my credits kept going up and up. I ended up winning $650. I was ecstatic and the rest of our trip was awesome but the gambler in me was annoyed. I usually bet much more than the minimum and if I was betting what I normally did I would have won a few thousand. But I tried to remember that if I was doing that maybe I wouldn't have won at all.

There's nothing that beats the rush of winning in the casino. And the possibilities are endless. Anyone else feel this passionate about their love of of gambling? xoxo


  1. I love gambling... This sounds so bad but I started young. My parents love the casino and we would go on family trips and my brother and I would spend the day the arcade. But, in my neighborhood growing up we always played blackjack with quarters. When I turned 21 I had my first real trip to the casino. My dad had taught me let it ride (my favorite) and I sat their for hours with him and every time the dealer gave me a chip back I would put it away in my purse. Towards the end of the evening when I headed back to the hotel room and dumped my purse I nearly had $600. I was hooked! I just love casinos in general especially ones with goo dance clubs!

  2. I have only been gambling once in Tahoe and I was honestly bummed they didn't have any coin machines! It was all scan cards; I was bummed... And! No crank machines! All computer screens. I think it would be fun to play, but I could easily see myself getting sucked in or thinking had I bet more I'd have won more.

  3. I love playing slots! Once I was playing the Sex and the City one, put in $20, played $1 and won $680! One try :) It is so fun (and addicting, I agree)

  4. I just got back from Vegas. I didn't gamble, but the bf did and it was just as fun to watch as to actually play. I found myself getting just as invested.

  5. Personally, the casinos bore me. But I can see the allure it has for some people.

  6. Sounds like you are having fun, it is not a problem if you don not have to give up necessary items to pay for gambling at the slots, and yeap you are right when you win you want to go back and back and play that machine over and over, I hear most of the casinos in Atlantic City of closing, we have a lot of Indian tribe run casinos here in Oklahoma and Ilike to go about 1 or 2 times a month,