Friday, September 19, 2014

Renewed Excitement

Months ago I had talked about opening a brick and mortar bead and craft shop but was quickly deflated when I saw a business adviser and they told me that banks no longer give loans to start up businesses after the economy crashed in 2008.  People either need to use their own savings, take out a personal loan or borrow money from family or friends. Well, needless to say, a savings is almost non existent, refuse to take out a personal loan and I doubt I would get approved for one with today's strict standards and no family or friends are willing to give me a loan. So my dream was pretty much shattered,

Since I have given up on the idea I have been to a few bead shops and have been so underwhelmed. They either don't have much of a selection or are lacking what is trendy now. I have noticed they are mostly owned my older, older people. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I am younger and follow fashion and know what the younger crowd is looking for. My point was that even these stores that are seriously lacking have managed to stay in business for a long time. So why wouldn't I be able to do that?

I have so many ideas for the shop. Plus, I do a lot of business online which can help float my shop in the beginning. I know I can be a success, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. All I lack is the funds to get things rolling. I have decided I am going for this dream even if it is with half the funds initially intended. I do so much business with my Etsy shops between now and Christmas and I am going to save every penny of that. Along with every penny I get from blog ad sales to help me get things rolling.

I may not have tons of funds to get things going but I do have people who can lend a hand in many aspects of this new venture and hopefully with that help I can cut down majorly on start up costs. I know I can do it and I am not going to give up on this dream. There are successful business people who started with a lot less and I promise you I will be one of those success stories. xoxo


  1. Have you thought about starting a mobile business? Like going to craft fairs, fall fairs, flee markets, etc and setting up a mobile shop to get your business out there but not online?

  2. You can do anything you set your mind on doing! Selling online is a great option, and starting a mobile business (as the comment before me mentioned) is also a great idea on something to do before fully investing in a brick and mortar store. Best of luck to you!

  3. You've got this! I have an idea for a business but can't convince myself to do it... Yet. Maybe this will get the ball rolling!

  4. Don't give up on that dream. You'll do it!