Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So Long Summer

Even though this past weekend was quite possibly the hottest weekend of the summer and today is supposed to be 90 degrees, the summer is technically over. Kiddies are back to school, the beach huts are now closed and life goes on. I am feeling bittersweet about the end of summer 2014. We are coming into my absolute favorite season, the fall, but I am not going to lie I was a bit disappointed in this summer.

Why was this summer a let down for me? There were a few reasons. First off, my hubby was away for work for an entire month this summer. Two different two week trips. One in July the other in August. This was difficult for me because I work from home and I depend on the time he is home to watch my daughter so I can get work done. Without that time to get stuff done, the time he was gone was extremely stressful. Plus our girl is such a daddy's girl that she didn't take too well to him being gone. Add that with the fact she is 2-1/2 you can just imagine that she wasn't exactly an angel while he was away.

Secondly, I was the heaviest I have ever been this summer. Didn't bother to get a bathing suit because I knew I wouldn't be caught dead in one. So going to the beach and the splash park isn't exactly fun or pleasant in regular jeans. Didn't want to wear anything that was sleeveless and show my chubby arms so I was just hot and bothered all summer. I know this is my own fault but I am determined to be healthier next summer so I can go swimming with my daughter. I already started back to the gym today. Got to start somewhere.

Lastly, funds were just limited this summer. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks and didn't really leave us with any extra money to do many cool things. And forget about being able to go away. We are hoping to be able to save enough to drive cross country next summer. Fingers crossed! That will sure be a trip of a lifetime!

Well, I don't want to dwell on the shortcomings of the summer but rather focus on the positive. We did have some great times and did get to do some fun things. Was it my quintessential summer? No. That being said I do have some great memories from the past few months and will remember them. Instead of being sad that this summer is over, I will rejoice on the fact that fall is just about upon us. Here's to having a terrific fall and working towards having a kick a$$ summer of 2015!! xoxo


  1. Although your summer was not ideal, I hope you found little moments of enjoyment throughout it. I can relate with a no bathing suit summer, I choose not to wear shorts this summer. I guess I may have been a little stress and neglected my workouts it all caught up to me. I am working g on developing a new routine to get back into shape. I really enjoy fall and I am looking forward to the weather getting cooler.

  2. I am with you on being the heaviest I've ever been this summer- it is so so hard! we just gotta take fall by storm!

  3. I felt awful in my own skin this summer too. Good for you for taking the fall by storm! My husband spends 3-4 weeks away each summer too. He's done it for years. It gets easier as the kids get older but I can't imagine the struggle you had with working form home and no help! Let the fall begin! Looks we all could use a break!

  4. Oh guuuuurllll... I didn't get a bathing suit either!!!!!

  5. I barely got in a swimsuit this summer as well. While not at my heaviest, I'm about 20lbs heavier than I want to be. I can not lose the weight! I have no self control lately. I am excellent at making excuses for myself. BUT there is hope for all of us! Good luck!