Monday, September 15, 2014

When I Think Of Leaving

We have seriously been thinking of moving off Long Island, I mean seriously thinking about it. It is too damn expensive. Almost everyone lives paycheck to paycheck except the wealthy. Just to give you an idea I live in the 12th most expensive county in the nation and live on the border line of the 2nd most expensive county of the nation where the median home price is $463,000 and average property taxes is $9,500. Forget about renting. The average 2 bedroom apartment in a complex is just about $2000/month. Now you see why it's so difficult for us to keep our heads above water.

It's a shame because I wouldn't want to leave my family and friends and I live in one of the most awesome places in the United States but is the monetary stress worth it??! Nowadays, I struggle with this question daily. It would be so hard to up and go but if we could live more comfortably without needing to worry about money everyday we would be so much happier. What does one do?

We were pretty much set on leaving but then I have a weekend spent at the places photographed in this post and I think, could I live anywhere else? Could I live without the beach being within walking distance? I don't know, I don't know if I could do it. Feeling a bit lost.


  1. Moving and making the choice to move is so hard (this comes from someone that has lived in multiple states). I think when it comes back to it, it's whatever benefits you and your family the most. For me, I really like Nashville. It's overall the best place I have lived. I know I'd like to live somewhere where it's not 100 all summer long, and where the traffic isn't has bad, and closer to the water...

  2. I've never had to decide something like this... I can't even imagine it! A classic head vs. heart scenario. :/

  3. hello sweetie!!
    I`m here the first time & I wanna stay!
    How about follow each other?? I always follow back when I propose it :)
    I tell you that because I really love your blog! WOW!
    Pics so inspiring & descritpions are great!!!!
    so let me know sweetie!

    have a nice day!
    keep in touch :)

  4. It's hard to move away from a place we love, even when it's just too expensive to stay. I live in Orange County, CA and will never be a homeowner, but it's just too great to leave. I can't imagine living anywhere else.