Sunday, August 4, 2013

Medieval Times and Some Victors

Last night was awesome! We went to Medieval Times in NJ to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday and it couldn't have been a better idea.  They rented a party bus for the hour drive to NJ and then it was time to cheer for our knight!!

All sounded good in theory until our party bus showed up and informed us that the air conditioning wasn't working on the bus. Whaaaaaat?!! Are you kidding?!  It is the middle of the summer and this was not cool especially since two of the girls on the bus were pregnant.  The driver got it to go on and off but it made the ride rather unpleasant as opposed to the fun I thought the ride would be. I just sat back and drank my vodka and tried to make the best of it.

By the time we got to Medieval Times I was feeling quite "good" and I wasn't the only one. I felt bad when we bounced off the bus in a rowdy fashion and saw a bunch of kids, this was a family show after all so I would need to curb my tongue.  We decided to hit up the bar before we head to our seats and damn it was expensive.  It cost us $40 for two drinks!!! But we did get some awesome souvenir mugs.

I have to say I was quite impressed that once we got to our seats the food and drink came out quickly and there never seemed to be a wait to have food in front of you.  It was a well run assembly line of food. We got soup, garlic bread, chicken, ribs, potato and a pastry.  And I was shocked at how good the food was. I devoured my chicken! 

The show itself was entertaining although I thought it was a it cheesy at times.  The reactions to "injury" seemed a bit delayed in many instances. I don't know if I am being overly critical because I took stage combat in college but nonetheless I am sure children wouldn't find it as corny as I did. Our knight was the "black and white" knight and he was a playboy wannabe, shaking his long blonde hair towards the crowd but that didn't do him any good in the fighting arena because he was one of the first one's eliminated.  Booooo!!! I would love to go again and have my knight kick some serious booty! 

 Although our knight was not victorious last night two of my readers are about to be extremely victorious. Time to announce two winners!!! First the winner of the pair of LUV dream flats is: Emillie Rose.  Secondly the winner of my birthday giveaway for a $50 Etsy giftcard is : Erin T. Both winners were just contacted via email. Thanks to all that entered!!!! 

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