Thursday, August 8, 2013

Things I Don't Love

What am I not loving this Thursday?! It is actually something that I am still quite mad about that happened last week.  But the thing, or should I say place, I am not loving is Old Navy in BayShore, NY and here is why. I decided to go shopping with my daughter and first stop was Michael's.  While in line to pay for my items, Olivia grabbed an adorable ladybug stuffed animal and fell in love with it.  Being the sucker that I am I bought it for her and we continued on our way.

We went to a few other stores and our last stop was Old Navy so I could spend a giftcard I had received for my birthday. We walked around, I tried on a few items and made my final purchase decision. When I had gotten up to the cashier to pay, another sales associate came up to me and snottily said "Are you going to pay for that?" referring to my daughter's ladybug stuffed animal. I quickly replied "I did. In Michael's." She proceeded to say with an attitude, "I didn't know they sold them there." Hello?! Yes, bit&% they sell them there is what I wanted to scream but I refrained and watched her walk away like she was letting me get away with something.  After my transaction was finished I expressed my annoyance to the cashier and she just chuckled and didn't say a word.

 I was seething when I walked out of the store. I wish I had my receipt in my purse so I could have thrown it in their faces but unfortunately I usually put my receipts in the bag and my Michael's bag was in my car. After I got back to my car I said "F this" and I grabbed my Michael's receipt, went back into Old Navy and demanded to speak to the store manager.

The cashier who previously laughed at me, tried feeding me some line that she was just about to tell them about what happened because she could see I was upset. Yeah right? You just know you're about to get called out so you're acting like a good employee. Needless to say the store manager apologized but I am still very unhappy with this Old Navy and the way the manager didn't call the nasty employee over to me to apologize. Shame on you Old Navy for not training your employees respect and not having efficient management.

Did I overreact? Maybe. But don't accuse me of theft with no basis and if you think it's a possibility check out your security tapes before pissing off an extremely good Old Navy customer. Would you have went back in with the receipt like me?  I just couldn't stand the fact that they were acting like they were letting me get away with something..ARGH!!!

The alleged stolen ladybug

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  1. Seriously?! I would have been livid! I think you handled the situation really well, much better than I would have. I would have gone back in the store with my receipt and demanded an apology. What jerks! I can't believe the manager didn't even have the person apologize to you. If I were you, I'd go on Old Navy's facebook page or email their corporate headquarters. That's BS!

    Live in the Sunshine

  2. This would have made me SO mad too. It's none of her business and does Old Navy even sell those little lady bug things? Like were there some there that looked just like the one you bought from Michaels? I get so annoyed at some of the customer service you get nowadays in stores, like cashiers laughing at you or smiling when you're pissed off.

  3. I think you going back was best way to handle it. I hate it when store cashiers give me an attitude. Plus, it's not like it was the cashier's problem anyway. If you didn't give the ladybug to the cashier to ring it up then obviously it was bought from somewhere else and not from Old Navy.