Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally! Funky Fresh Accessories For Men

I was excited when I was chosen from Brandbacker to help promote the launch of Wits and Beaux kickstarter campaign.  They started revolutionizing fashion for men with their bold, colorful, statement socks and now need our help to expand their fabulous company. They hope to find success with all men's accessories like ties, belts and watches.

You definitely have to check out the Wits and Beaux kickstarter page and read all about their vision for the future. If their men's accessories excite you as much as it excites my hubby and I you can donate anything from $1 and up to help make their dream become a reality. 

As you can see from the photo above the right socks can transform simple jeans and sneakers to a trendy look that will have you envied by many. If you or your man loves to make a statement you can currently purchase their socks here. 

The fabulous socks my hubby gets to try!
 Well, I hope you take the time to look into this great company! And stay tuned for a future post with my husband modeling all his new socks!!!

 photo dancinsig.png


  1. These accessories are nice. I love the colorful socks. These are some must have accessories for men.

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