Friday, August 9, 2013

New Moms: Don't Regret Not Doing This

Hi!! New moms are always looking for advice at least I know I was and still am for that matter.  Today I have a piece of lighthearted advice.  Invest about $10-$15 on baby monthly onsie stickers (you can find a HUGE variety on Etsy) and take a photograph of your little one each month for the first year. You can put together a simple collage like I did below and see the monthly transformation. It will boggle your mind.

Olivia's first year

These photos can also be used to create some pretty awesome decorations for your cherub's first birthday party. I made a banner of all the photographs for Olivia's party and all my guests loved it.  Doing this simple monthly task will document memories that will last and make you cry at how quick they grow up.

Olivia's birthday banner

So remember don't let your little ones 1 month birthday pass you by without snapping a photo!!

 photo dancinsig.png

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