Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Don't Love (And Something I do..)

Let's see..what am I not loving this week? This week's edition for me is somewhat superficial but hey sometimes little things can really irk you..

1- Why is getting lunch from a deli so damn expensive?! The other day I got a bologna on a roll (plain with nothing else on it), a small bag of chips and a small bottle of Pepsi and it cost me almost $11!! I knew going to the deli that is was going to be expensive but what really angered me is that when I got back to work, whoever made the sandwich did it in such a way that there was only bologna in the middle and the outside was all bread. Really?! $11 for that! Ugh!

2- Okay so why do retail establishments insist on having one register open when there are other employees standing around?! I was at a dollar store yesterday and the line was like 10 people deep and they didn't open another register and because it was a dollar store everyone had a million things to buy! Good thing I was semi patient because usually I would just leave and forget about buying the stuff. I know, I know I need to work on my patience. So aggravating though!

3- Teachers complaining on Facebook (and everywhere) about their summer vacation ending. Teachers, please take note, nobody feels bad for you except other teachers. We all get a measly 2-3 weeks vacation for the entire year so the common folk do not feel bad that your 8 week + vacation is ending. Suck it up! Love you guys! ;)

Well enough complaining...Here's my daughter "ROAR"ing!! Love my little crazy girl!! xo

Love this girl!
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  1. Oh man I totally laughed at the teacher comment.... TOTALLY! Yup, it's a tough job, but so are a lot of others that don't get the same time off! Funny link up for sure!

    My beef - why do they make packaging for toddler toys so damn hard to open!? My little guy wants that toy in 2 seconds flat..not the 5 min it takes me to get through all that unnecessary plastic, then the twist ties to get him his toy...that he will play with for all of 10 min.


    1. Lol..Yeah, I feel for teachers because their job isn't easy but many other professions are tough and they don't get the summer off.

      And that's so true!! My daughter is so impatient and it doesn't help that I am awful at getting the packaging open..hahaha

  2. I'm totally impressed that all you came up with was three things. I'd be all over complaining about the flies, mice and other things lying around my house. Seriously.

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    Besos, Sarah
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