Monday, September 16, 2013

A Planes Themed Birthday

My nephew's birthday was two weeks ago but we had his family party yesterday. My sister did a great job creating a "Planes" themed party for him. You can see how fabulous things looked in the photos below.

 An easy cost effective way to keep things cohesive but within theme is to buy a few items that are actually from the theme. Here it was "Planes" and then buying everything else in solid colors that match. My sis bought a few planes mylar balloons and a bunch of blue and orange ones that match. She bought "Planes" table clothes and centerpieces and got solid blue bowls.

The kids had a blast trying to open the pinata!! Although after all the stings were pulled it wouldn't open so we had to break it open for them. This was funny to me because the pinata we had gotten for my daughter's first birthday, it split open when first string was pulled.

My sister inquired about having an actual planes cake made but the cost was insane so she settled for a sheet cake and added the toy planes on top. A good compromise!

The cake above, my sister made all on her own! I think she did a great job! The whole party was a success and looked great but most importantly my nephew had a blast!

 photo dancinsig.png