Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Never Ever Ever

I decided to link up this week for Never Ever Ever with a bit of an emotional post for 9/11. So here goes...

Never Ever Ever...

Will I forget where I was when the first plane hit the twin towers. I am a New Yorker. I live an hour from NYC and spend tons of time in my city. Although this tragedy affected the whole nation. New Yorkers felt it even harder. My dad worked in the city and was supposed to be in the building across from the towers that day. By the grace of God, he was home from work that day to get stitches out from a previous accident. His coworkers saw people fling themselves from out the windows of the towers and I am sure forever scarred. I am crying as I write this. Being from Long Island everyone knew someone who lost someone that infamous day. I was at college that day and all the guys in the guard were running frantic, saying they were activated. Desperate to find out what happened, students flocked to TVs around the campus and found out about the attack. Everyone was in tears and hysterics trying to reach those they knew in the city. As panic continued, the school announced it was being evacuated. I drove home in tears wondering what it all meant. My innocence was gone.

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