Thursday, September 5, 2013

I've Missed You!

Yikes!!! I've been slacking... Sorry it's been a little quiet here...Bad Jenny, bad!! Since, you haven't heard from me in a while let me share what I've been up to this past week.

Yesterday was my nephew, Luke's 3rd birthday. We went to a local bouncy place in the morning, hit up Wendy's for lunch, and then I did a portrait session for his birthday. Below you can see a collage of this cutie pie.

We were also able to get a photo of Liv and Luke together for once. this is usually an impossible task.

Love these two!

Let me see..What else is new? Well, I am planning on transferring my blog to Wordpress soon and making it a .com. I hope to do this in the next few months.  I am also looking to sign up for the new Passionfruit within a week or so, so sponsorships will be available again asap. I am also looking to sponsor some new blogs for both my blog and my numerous Etsy shops. Comment if you have a blog I have to check out.

I have updated my Etsy shop : Hole In Her Stocking Designs with some fabulous new jewelry pieces and I hope you head over to check them out. Below are some of the designs.

Last weekend we celebrated my mother in law's 60th birthday and it had a loose 1960's theme. I was hard at work making all the gals flower headbands. We had fun with our accessories for the day/night!

Rocking the hippie halos!

Please show me some love below with your comments! I love them and appreciate you catching up with me!! xoxo

 photo dancinsig.png


  1. Love seeing you again!! =) Your nephew is TOOOOO adorable, I was dying and my heart was melting and I had to try hard not to squeal & wake everybody up. :D
    I'll definitely have to check out your shop sometime - I'm always up for some new jewelry! ;)
    Have a blessed day!! <3