Monday, September 23, 2013

Weeeeee! It's Fall!

It's officially my favorite time of year. I love the weather, I love the activities, I love Halloween! We wasted no time in getting into full swing of the season this weekend. We went to Finks Country Farm in Wading River, NY and had a blast. They had lots of fun activities set up, including: a corn maze, bouncy house, corn crib, moo moo train, pony rides, pig races, a petting zoo and of course a pumpkin patch.  I love these types of festivities but more importantly little Olive had a blast.

Olivia roping the demonic looking sheep thing

My loves!

Pig Races

Moo Moo Train

 We have a few other plans to hit up some fall festivals and pumpkin farms and I cannot wait! Speaking of not being able to wait... Instead of doing what I should of done last night, my hubby, my sis in law and myself decided to have a practice run at carving and painting pumpkins. Can you tell we love this time of year?!

So my hubby and sis in law carved some pumpkins and here are their awesome creations:

Hello Kitty with a moustache by Alise

The hubby did Swiper for my girl

Since I cannot carve I decided to paint a day of the dead skull freehand. It was a valiant effort considering I was using crappy brushes and paint from the dollar store. It's hard to get precise lines when bristles are falling out of your brush. Haha. I cannot wait to get the proper supplies for next time.

 photo dancinsig.png

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