Friday, September 6, 2013

A Truly Happy Friday!

Proud to say I took this photo...

Happy Friday everyone!! I enjoyed this Friday and hope you did as well. It was actually kind of crisp out this Long Island morning so I took the baby out for a couple mile walk. Then after playing for a while my daughter actually cooperated and went down for a nap around noon. That was perfect so I could get ready for this afternoon's maternity session.

I took photos  for  one of my friends and she is the most gorgeous pregnant person ever..Ugh! So jealous!! I looked quite frumpy and she looks like she stepped right out of a magazine. Good for her! Here are a sampling of the photos from today.

Stunning right?

The happy couple

The tree is prego too!!

How cool is that photo above?! We were leaving the park and saw this tree with a "baby bump" and we had to snap a photo. Too cute!!

After my fun photoshoot I met my friend for dinner so she could tell me all about her trip to Europe and how she got engaged while away!!! So exciting! And now I feel I must bid adieu because I am still in a food coma from all the baked ziti I stuffed my face with. Goodnight!!

 photo dancinsig.png