Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meet Sarah!!

 Meet Sarah from Back Home Blue. She has been hanging out on my sidebar this month and I wanted everyone to get to know her a little better. I figured a good way to do that would be to ask her a few questions and hear what she had to say. So here goes!!

1-Tell us a random fact about yourself that we may be surprised to learn..

When I was six or so years old, I told everyone I wanted to be a British Monkey when I grew up. Not an artist or a chef or a firefighter or anything a normal kid would say - a British Monkey. My babysitter's mom was from England and I was obsessed with how she had afternoon tea and talked with such a cool accent so the British part makes sense. I couldn't tell you where the monkey part came from though!
2-What made you start your blog?

I've always loved writing. I wrote 'books' when I was little - really just a punches of pages with a word or two and a picture stapled together, my mom still has a bunch of them! - and whenever I got computer time in school. I'd write stories in Word, usually either retelling a Disney story or coping a story I found in a book. I was so original. 

In college, I was a journalism major and my curriculum really pushed an online presence. I had some friends that blogged too and so the summer of 2009, I decided 'what the heck' and started my own blog. But I'd been running a country music website and blogging for that for a while before this thing, which was called 'Wears Inappropriate Shoes' back then, was born.
3-What do you like to do in your spare time?

What's spare time? Ha! I'm a provisional in Charlottesville's Junior League and have already taken on a leadership role so I spend a lot of time doing Junior League activities - social and volunteering! I also spend a lot of time writing, reading, having Netflix binges, baking or else exploring Charlottesville. And of course playing with my precious puppy Knox!
4-Where would you like to see yourself in a year? Any particular goals you want accomplished?

Hmm... (Well, I wouldn't hate having a boyfriend... Anyone got a brother? Nephew?) I'd love to see my blog traffic double in size. Now that I've really put my effort into it, things are going well and I'd like that to continue. I'm also hoping to write for other publications. One of my ultimate goals is to have a story published in Garden & Gun. To me, that magazine is the epitome of both Southern life and a quality publication.
5-If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you have to have?

My puppy, my iPhone (pictures! music!) and coffee. I'd never survive without coffee. 

I already had become a fan of Sarah's blog but after reading her awesome and sincere answers to my questions, I cannot wait to learn even more through her future blog posts. I highly recommend heading on over to Back Home Blue and checking it out, you are sure to get hooked.

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