Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update And A Giveaway

Happy hump day!! I have been actively working on a new project and that is setting up an online accessory boutique. I have several different Etsy shops because I love making my own jewelry designs but I wanted to branch out and find distributors of fabulous accessories that I can offer to my clients. This would allow me to offer a greater variety and yes, make more of a profit than I do from my Etsy shops but I am definitely hitting some bumps along the road.

I have decided not to initially order in bulk so I could check out the quality of every item before I order tons to have in stock because I knew not every item would live up to it's photos.  I didn't realize that I would be so disappointed in so many items so I only have a handful of items I would be proud to sell. I wanted a November 1st launch and I feel that would be an impossibility at this point. I am not giving up but I might need to take my boutique in a whole other direction.

On a lighter note, I am giving away one item that I received that I do love. A beautiful owl pendant. (See photo below.) This is a fabulous accessory for your fall wardrobe! Along with this pendant I will be giving the winner 30 days of FREE VIP ad space on my blog! I hope you take a second to enter my little giveaway.

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 photo dancinsig.png 


  1. I love owls. Comes with being a XO :)

  2. What a pretty pendant! Good luck with your boutique :)

  3. Owls are a favorite of mine. I usually make my own necklaces - owls of course ;) But this is too adorable!!

  4. OMG!! I love owls!! I was just looking at something similar to this on Groopdealz!!

  5. Oh goodness I adore owls. Such a precious pendant!