Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back In The Grind

I've been so sick for over a week and it really threw me off my game. So unproductive and no time for the blog and much social media but today I got back in the grind and was quite productive. I got all the decorations and paper good for Liv's 2nd birthday party which is only one week away, I registered Liv for nursery school for the fall (OMG! When did she get so big?!), I made some accessories for the newborn photo shoot I have on Monday and I am writing this post. Woohoo! Go me!

Not only that but Olivia and I had craft time. We made some adorable butterfly pictures out of foam heart stickers. Check out the fun below!!

"Can we just get started already?!"

The supplies...Found these hearts for $1 at Dollar Tree
Hard at work..

Liv's masterpiece

Mommy's masterpiece

I am pumped to be back in blogging land and excited to say I have a lot of exciting posts coming up in the next two weeks including: a book review, an accessory shop review, a DIY, tons of photos to share from recent photo shoots and a MASSIVE giveaway that will kick off tomorrow! See you all then! xoxo

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