Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Staring : Creepy Or Am I Paranoid?

The hubby, myself and our girl went out to dinner the other night. My husband and I were sitting across from each other and Liv was at end of table between us. There was a table behind my husband that consisted of a teenage boy and girl and what appeared to be their grandma. Before I continue my story I want you to know out daughter is just about two.

So my daughter was being loud not obnoxiously so but rather playful and adorable. We were getting many smiles. Needless to say, I expect people to look at her/us when she is being loud. Comes with the territory. Well, the teenage boy sitting behind my husband kept staring at Liv. I mean "staring staring," like not breaking his stare for a good two minutes at a time. The first few times I ignored it but then it kept happening even when she was being quiet and eating.  He kept looking her up and down.

I would maybe expect this from other mothers, moms to be, other little girls or the elderly because they cannot resist an adorable little girl but teenage boys could typically care less about a little girl. I had a bad feeling and it was so bad it was making me feel uncomfortable. I finally made my husband aware and of course his first reaction was "oh stop, you're being paranoid" but he started watching the boy in the reflection of the window behind me. When I saw his demeanor change I knew I wasn't being paranoid. The boy had been staring more intensely and for longer periods of time. My husband adjusted his chair so he was somewhat blocking my daughter.

When we finally left he said it took everything in him to not say anything. This is why I initially didn't make him aware of this because I was afraid he would cause a scene but he handled it like a pro in my eyes. He was aware, made Liv less visible and we left as soon as we could. Has anyone else experienced something like this and were you as worried and creeped out as me or do I watch way too much crime shows, therefore making me suspicious of everyone?? All I have to say is if I was alone with our daughter I would have been petrified when it was time to walk in the parking lot. Luckily, we weren't alone.

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  1. That's weird. Haven't experienced something like that but I would totally have felt the same way. Glad you were with your husband!

  2. I would've been creeped out too! That's so scary!

  3. Eek! That is creepy! I suppose you never know what anybody's thoughts are. Glad all was well though!


  4. Always trust your gut feelings. That is what any investigator would tell you. Being cautious is not being paranoid. Good job!

  5. Thats definitely creepy! I'm paranoid ALL the time when people look at me or my friends even if they're not being creepy about it haha so i don't think you're being paranoid..its definitely weird!

  6. That's so scary! I'm glad nothing else followed that and she was ok!

  7. YIKES!! That creeps me out. :( Trust your gut mom, you did the right thing. Glad your hubs was with you!