Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meet Christine!!

Hello! I hope everyone is having a super day today. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of my VIP sponsors this month, Christine from The So-Called Homemaker. I asked her a few questions so we could all get to know her a little better.

1- Describe yourself in 3 words.  Adventurous.  Fun-loving.  Friendly.

2- What was your inspiration for starting your blog?  I was mainly just looking for something as an outlet for my creativity.  Apart from that, I wanted to meet a lot of different kinds of people and make new friends...mission accomplished!  It's also a really great outlet for photos of the cutest baby in the world (mine, of course)!

3- What can we expect to see on your blog?  Anything and everything!  From health and wellness tips, to recipes, to cleaning tips, to home improvement ideas, and everything in between.  I don't really have a category because I just talk about whatever interests me at the moment!

4- What is one of your proudest moments?  One of my proudest moments in "real life" was when my husband and I purchased our home.  He had already owned a home before, but the one we live in now is the first one I ever got to pick out myself, so it was super exciting for me!  My proudest moment on the blog is the first time someone I didn't know personally followed my blog...and I wasn't even co-hosting a giveaway at the time!

5- Any exciting plans for the summer?  We will be spending the summer down at our beach house again this summer.  Don't be jealous, the beach house is tiny and not impressive, but we love it down there.  It's in a tiny town in Florida (Carabelle, ever heard of it?)...definitely has the small town charm and mix that with the beach town charm and it's lovely.  We picked it because it's a great fishing area, though, since my husband loves to fish.  I'll be down there for the entirety of the summer, working from that house instead of our usual home.  And going to the beach, of course!

6- What is your dream vacation?  My dream vacation would be to cruise to Europe, take trains all over, and then cruise home.  I love, love, love, cruising, and who doesn't want to see Europe?

7- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I see myself owning my own real estate brokerage or property management company.  I hope to be traveling a lot more then.  And of course, just living my life with my family

Now that you've gotten to know Christine a bit better make sure you show her some love and head on over to The So-Called Homemaker

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  1. Blogs that have a little bit of everything are my favorite! I like a good mix! :)