Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!

Happy Friday everyone!! And a very Happy Birthday to my little girl!!! Olivia's birthday isn't actually until tomorrow but I'll be busy with her party so I am sure I would forget to post so I figured I would do it today.

Here are a few photos from Olivia's initial birthday photo shoot attempt. I had envisioned her running through a vast open field with a large bunch of balloons but after these initial shots, she wanted nothing to do with the balloons. Ugh! Well at least these came cute.

So the other morning I attempted to do some photos indoors. I figured another outdoor session was out since it was only in the teens outside. Olivia actually wanted to take photos so I hurried and set up and grabbed my camera and got these great photos.

So since things went so well, I decided that after our parent/tot class, I would pick up some balloons and put Liv's "two" shirt on. Then maybe I could get at least a few balloon photos. Yes, I know I have an obsession with balloons. Anyways, apparently my daughter doesn't share that obsession. She did not want to cooperate but I managed to get a few.

Well, I promise to share tons of party pics on Monday. I cannot wait to throw my girl an awesome party, she deserves every bit of it. She is truly the greatest gift. Below is that blessed day two years ago.

Have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo


  1. Aww, happy birthday to her! What cute photos!

    xx Kelly
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