Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Make Seed Bead Friendship Bracelets

There are so many different kinds and variations of friendship bracelets but I came up with this design all on my own and thought I'd share how to make it. Hope you enjoy!!

Supplies needed:
- approx. 2 yards nylon thread (you can use embroidery floss. I used multi color nylon.)
- seed beads (try to find ones with the largest possible hole)
- clip board
- clasp and jump ring

Put thread (approx. 2 yards) through hole of clasp and make sure it is in two equal parts

Clamp clasp to clip board to keep in place. Put bead on one of the halves of thread.

Use other half of thread and make a "c" over half with bead

Loop extended piece under piece of thread that has seed bead as shown above

Pull tight

Put bead on opposite thread (the one you just pulled tight) and repeat steps but opposite way as photographed above.

Keep repeating these steps until bracelet is desired length. Remember to keep alternating which thread you put bead on. Once bracelet is desired length tie to a jump ring and trim off some excess thread.

Voila!! You ended up with a super cool friendship bracelet!!

 photo dancinsig.png


  1. Visiting after seeing your guest post on Living Lavender! Such a cute bracelet, I work at summer camp and am well versed in the art of friendship bracelet making lol. I love that multi-coloured string, I've never seen anything like that before!

  2. Yeah, I can't make shit. I tried to make a plain OG friendship bracelet a couple months ago and ended up having a conniption fit. haha