Monday, January 13, 2014

Helicopter Hover

Hello darlings! I hope everything had a fantastical weekend! Mine was alright. Saturday was so rainy and dreary but the hubby and I had an epiphany and we are going to be quite rich. Haha. We are taking on a new business venture and I am sure it will be a success. It is a shop but I am not sharing any particulars until we are up and running which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

Yesterday we attempted to do Olivia's 2nd birthday portraits and I was a bit disappointed. I had dreams of her running through a big open field surrounded by woods with a big bundle of balloons but what I got was: "take those balloons aways!!" and "no balloons!" Argh!! The first 5 minutes of the shoot she was good so I got  a few good shots but a disaster after that. Guess we will need to attempt this another day.

We actually were going to have Liv take a break and play on the playground for a bit and then give it another go but the eeriest thing happened. We were in a huge state park and being that it is the middle of January and cold there was only like one other car in the parking field. Anyway while we were walking from our photo session site to the playground we noticed a police helicopter do a lap over the park. No biggie, didn't really think much of it.  We got to the playground and the thing was still flying around. I walked to the car while my hubby and daughter played and the helicopter followed me! Then it was hovering over my hubby and daughter! It flew away but was still circling the park. They were looking for someone and I was definitely getting creeped out. We were in a huge park with lots of wooded areas and nobody else was there and apparently the police were on a manhunt. It was time to leave!

We took a break to get lunch and went to the beach by my mom's house to attempt photos once again but no luck! Although, my daughter managed to have a blast on that playground and here are a few shots of her and the hubby having fun. I am waiting to share the actual 2nd birthday portraits until it gets closer to her birthday. ;)

Okay,'s just one preview of round one of Liv's birthday photos....


  1. Aww, lol - I hear ya! Kids can be so tricky to photograph and always seem to stop smiling the SECOND a camera appears! :)

  2. Oh my goodness... her little face... I just wanna squish it!