Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Need To Get Out More

Being a mom, I don't get to go out and party like I used to. Saturday night usually consists of watching Disney Junior until my girl falls asleep and then the hubby and I fall asleep getting caught up on TV. Exciting, I know! Since we lead such an exciting life, I was pumped to go to an engagement party Saturday night.

Me and the hubby at the party...

Well, maybe I was a little too pumped because was knocking back vodka cranberries like they were going out of style. I definitely had between like 8-10 drinks in about 3-1/2 hours. Yikes! Scary part is I felt fine the whole time. Or so I thought until I checked out the photo gallery on my phone this morning and found a few gems.

Gorgeous face!

Why do I look so surprised, I am obviously taking the photo?!
Oh geez....
 Needless to say I obviously wasn't "fine." I remembered taking the photos once I saw them but boy oh boy was I wacked. I can only say that I don't get to party often so when I do I feel this need to make up for lost time. Need to fix that. Well, I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous selfies. You're welcome.... xo


  1. You are so cute!! Glad you got to go out and have some fun!!

  2. Haha, how funny! I have had mornings like this where looking back through the photos brings it all back!

  3. Bahahaha... nothing like a surprise recap via your phone's pic gallery!