Monday, March 31, 2014

Netflix..I Got A Bone To Pick With You

My new releases now consist of all kids movies with a random adult movie or two thrown in.

Netflix, I do love you but as a parent I have a major bone to pick with you. I think it's fabulous that there's a "regular" Netlix and a "kids" netflix. The kids section is perfect for my girl but when it is night time and time for the adults to watch a movie why oh why when I am in the "regular" Netflix section are all the movie options kids movies?!!

I have lists that go like this: because you watched Turbo, because you watched The Hungry Caterpillar, because you watched Jake and The Neverland Pirates. There are no horribly fabulous B-grade horror flicks on those lists. And I didn't watch those, my girl did!! Those should be the lists in "kids" section not my adult section!! Ahhh!! Such frustration!!

To make matters worse, the new releases and recently added are 75% kids flicks. So we ultimately have like 20 choices compared to the 100 or so we used to have. Of course we can search for movie titles but we usually don't know what we are looking for, we depended on the lists of movies that were listed pre-child.

Doesn't anyone else share this frustration with me?! I always loved the vast array of strange titles that one can find on Netflix, I just want my weird movie lists back!!


  1. They have recently add profiles, where you can assign a profile to each person in your home. We each have one, and it helps the recommended options be a little more personalized to each person. My husband doesn't like watching some of the same shows I do. So I watch what I want on my profile and it never shows up his. With that, it also means some of the more adult shows we watch don't show up on our daughters profile. It is a great option and we have really enjoyed using it!

  2. That would be really annoying. I have noticed the profile assigning thing but I only see that when we log on online. On the TV app I haven't seen that you can assign profiles but maybe I'm missing something since Tamara seems to have done it.

    1. You have to set them up online, but when you sign in on your tv it should pop up to pick which profile you want to use. At least that is how it is on ours... I have noticed at friends houses their Netflix looks different then ours. So it may depend on what kind of device you stream on.

  3. That just sounds annoying! I miss being able to just browse by category instead of all the suggestions based on what you watched.

  4. I want the old way back as well! And I love kids movies, but I agree that way too many of the newly added ones are kids films! x

  5. There are profiles you can setup. I have 1 for me, 1 for my parents, and 1 for my little one, so when each individual watches, they select their profile so suggestions stay consistent.

  6. Yes!!!! I don't understand why the kid shows don't stay over on the kid section??? It has absolutely infiltrated ALL of our suggestions as well. So frustrating!