Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: ESC Embroidery

I was thrilled when I received my embroidered tote from ESC Embroidery. The tote was a great quality and the embroidery work was flawless. I also loved the size of the bag, it was large enough to be used as a tote but small enough to be used as an everyday purse. The possibilities for this bag are endless.

Today was another beautiful day on Long Island and I took my new tote to the beach. I got so many compliments and was able to fit everything I needed for myself and my girl inside. Definitely my new go to bag!

Totally loving my new bag!
This new Etsy shop seriously has some of the cutest things. I definitely recommend checking them out for all your embroidered monogram needs. What's even better is that you can get 10% OFF with code: HHSTOCKING . You can visit the shop here!


  1. embroidery is totally in right now! I'm still trying to adjust, I must admit :/

  2. cute bag! I don't have anything monogrammed - I need to change that!

  3. It's super cute. I don't have anything monogrammed either. I love that pic how the purse is the same color as the sand.

  4. I am so addicted to Etsy it isn't even funny! I've been hoarding products from a bunch of different Etsy stores to do one big review on my blog. I could spend all day on their though and now I have to check out where you got this adorable bag!

  5. You're the best---and your pictures are just perfect---makes that bag look great. :)