Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Reality Of Dressing A Toddler

As soon as I found I was having my daughter, visions of the cutest, best dressed little girl danced in my head. I was consumed with thoughts of super adorable dresses, trendy boots and shabby chic headbands. I always wondered why some people I knew had their babies and toddlers in leggings and tees all the time when there were so many precious options out there, that was until I actually had a baby.

The first 6 months I was pretty much able to dress Liv how I wanted but sometimes I would have her in the perfect outfit, I picked out days in advance, and she would spit up all over it right as we were about to walk out the door. There went that idea.

At about 6 months or so, she refused to wear anything on her head. No headbands, hats, etc. The second I put it on her head she would rip it off and throw it, which she still does to this day and she is two. And if one more old lady told me I should have put a bow in her hair to make her look more like a girl I might have been committed. It's like trust me, we have about a hundred headbands and bows at home but she won't wear them bi%$h!

At about one is when it all really went down hill. She refused to wear anything on her feet that wasn't sneakers or flip flops. And forget about dresses, she didn't like tights so wearing a dress in fall and winter was out of the question. And any dress that was too "poofy" with tulle or anything of that sort would make her freak out.

Now she's two and she says "No" to any outfit I try to put on her. She has quite an opinion already. I pick out the most adorable outfits that don't involve dresses or boots or headbands and she still refuses just because I picked it out. But I seemed to find a little strategy that seems to get her in what I want her to wear.

I pick out about three outfit possibilities for the day. When it is time to dress her, I show her one and she says no as predicted and do this for the next two as well. I put each outfit on top of her dresser drawer once she denies them. I then tell her to pick out what she would like to wear. Nine times out of ten she picks out on of the outfits I initially showed her. Then the key is to act like this is a new suggestion she came up with all on her own. I usually say something along the lines of: "What a great suggestion Liv! I love that outfit!" And mission accomplished she is in an outfit I picked.

Needless to say I now ,as a mom, realize how toddlers end up in leggings and tees because what we have in mind and they have in mind are completely different. They are all about comfort and their favorite characters not about what celebrities' babies are wearing. This being said, once in a while, I am able to get her dressed up super cute but it's usually just for special occasions. How about you? Does your toddler wear what you want him/her to?


  1. i don't have babies but have also dreamed of having cute babies in amazing little outfits. but i'm glad to hear about the reality! haha.

  2. My son wears whatever I put him in without much complaint. He's only 19 months old right now, though, so I suppose that can change. Granted, the options for little boys are not nearly as varied as they are for little girls, so there isn't much for him to complain about.