Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little All Over the Place

Happy Thursday!! I just wanted to take this time to do a mid-week (well kind of) check in. I have so much going on and I am feeling a bit all over the place but in a good way. So let's see what's been going on with me?!

Yesterday, I attempted to take Easter photos of Liv and it was yet another fail. I went to Target and got her the most beautiful floral dress and matching cardigan, even though she has a bunch of cute dresses at home, but it's that damn Target air that makes you go crazy and get things you don't need. Anyway, I tried to convince Liv to go on an adventure with me in the park and even drew a treasure map with her in a floral dress and a treasure chest among a field of flowers  and no mention of photographs. It actually worked. She was so excited to go to the park on an adventure that was until it was time to put on a dress. God forbid! As she tells me: "Dresses are for girls!!" And I ask what are you? Her response: "I am Olivia!!" Long story short after hours of coaxing, bribing, yelling and frustration she put on an outfit that wasn't what I intended but cute.

We get to the park and she had no interest in taking photos so I basically chased her and snapped photos when I could. Then she started with the pout face and arms crossed every time I asked her to smile. Are you serious?! One day she will cooperate for her photographer mother. She's my worst client. Go figure!!

My angel posing so nicely

One nice one I managed to capture. Girl has attitude!

After the photoshoot debacle I had a wonderful surprise. A couple weeks ago I sent a few pieces of jewelry to Cara Maria from MTV's The Challenge. Anyone else still watch that? I do and I love it!! What can I say?! Guilty pleasure. And she was kind enough to give me a shout out on Twitter and Instagram. How freakin' cool is that??!! It definitely made my day!

Besides from all that, my Etsy shops have certainly been picking up in business and I am so excited. But busy, busy, busy!! And my blog is continuing to grow which is great to see because I have really been working on it. Plus, I have lots of guest posts and features coming up on other blogs so it will only get better from here. It's so rewarding to see all your hard work pay off.

Lastly, just a reminder. If anyone is interested in being a part of my Michael Kors giveaway for April, email me asap at dancewithadolly{at}gmail{dot}com. I am going to need everything by Friday night so don't delay. Well have a beautiful day!! Until next time!! xoxo


  1. Hahahaha... the pouty face picture is the best!

  2. that's so cool she instagrammed and tweeted about your jewelry!

  3. That's so exciting! So awesome that she loved your jewelry and told everyone about it!

  4. I love Real World and the Challenges! That's awesome!

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