Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sh*t Men Say

Voyage of the Mee Mee

Woohoo! Time for another installment of "Sh*t Men Say." This is always one of my fave posts to write, probably because guys just make it too darn easy.

For this edition I am going to take you back to when the hubby and I first started dating. We went to the movies and saw some movie with Drew Barrymore. The conversation after the movie went something like this:

Me: I just love Drew Barrymore. She's so cute!
Hubby: Yeah, she's alright. She's pretty but she's kinda chunky.
Me: Whaaaat?! You think Drew Barrymore is fat?
Hubby: (sensing my annoyance) I don't know. Who cares? Do you know her?
Me: No but I weigh the same as her (this was actually fact because I read an article a few days prior that gave me that info) and if you think she's fat then you think I'm fat.
Hubby: What are you talking about? You're crazy.
Me: How is it crazy? You said somebody who weighs the same as me is fat.
Hubby: (trying to dig himself out of a hole) Well you are taller than her.

That banter continued the rest of the night. I was so annoyed! Okay, I may have been a bit dramatic in my anger over his comment because I have always been sensitive about my weight but come on..Think about what you say before you say it!! Ugh..Men!! xoxo


  1. Sounds like something my hubby would say... and then, pay the price ALL.NIGHT.LONG and lets be honest, I'd bring it up in like 5 years out of the blue!

  2. "Well you are taller than her." Hahahahahahahaha.... ohhhhh, men!

  3. LoL he does have a point, I mean a 6'2 vs 5'2 at the same weight is a profound difference. I love that he could so quickly back himself up. LOL

  4. Yup, my husband says stuff like that. I was watching Girls the other day and Lena Dunham was walking around in a bikini and she's not exactly stick thin. He made a rude comment and I was so irritated! And I'm not stick thin either so I was like, "Gee, thanks..."

  5. Hahahaha! When do you think men are going to learn to just NOT talk about weight...like ever.

  6. haha men are so bad at digging themselves into deeper holes like that for sure!

  7. lol Stupid guys; they never get it!!!

  8. Oh goodness lol bringing up weight with women is always an issue, you'd think men would have learned that by now!!

  9. Hahahaha, sometimes I really don't know what goes through guys' heads when they make comments like these! At least it made from some good blog material!!