Friday, April 11, 2014

Photography Lately

Happy Friday!! I haven't shared much of my photography work with you lately so what better way to spend a Friday than share some images that hopefully put a smile on your face. Here's just a few photos from the past week. (You can always stay up to date with my photography on my Jenny O Studios Facebook page. )

Well, have a good weekend!! I have a lot of writing to do for my blog and others this weekend. But you know what that means?! Some fun stuff coming your way next week!! xoxo

(All photos are property of Jenny O Studios)


  1. Oh my goodness! How cute are all these beautiful shots?! I love them! Clearly I need to have family pics done this year when our nugget arrives :)

  2. SO CUTE!! I love the puppy with the wind blowing through the fur! haha :)

  3. aw great photos! now that it's getting nicer out, i'm excited to take more photos too.