Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apparently Easter Candy Is A Parenting Faux Pas

Let me first start by saying I am not claiming to be a health guru nor am I the healthiest person but I know I am a good mom. This post may bring a shit storm down on me but honestly even the greatest people have haters so I am prepared to take that risk.

Every week I take my daughter to a Mommy & Me class. She absolutely loves it. We  look forward to it every week. Yesterday was our first class after Easter. Everyone was chattering about their holiday and I overheard the following conversation going on next to me:

Mom #1: "We went to ______'s house for a big Easter egg hunt. But I was really annoyed because they put candy in some of the eggs."

Mom #2: Sigh of disgust.

Mom #1: "I mean I do not want _________ eating candy. Eggs were full of raisins and stickers only at our house."

Mom #2: "I cannot believe they put candy in the eggs. I mean I let _______ have one M&M but that was it."

Mom #1: Nods in agreement.

Mom #2: "Oh and my in laws got him a basket full of candy. It went straight in garbage."

Mom #1: "Yeah. No way!"

Me: (awkwardly chiming in because they were waiting for me to say something) "I guess I am a bad mom for putting candy in Liv's eggs." And then I laugh.

Mom #1 & Mom #2: Give me a look of disgust and I am pretty sure are calling CPS on me.

Me: Turn and walk away, glad I didn't tell them I let Liv eat a whole bag of M&Ms.

What the fuuuuu*k??!! When did giving your kid candy on Easter become a cardinal sin of parenting. I always remember getting a huge basket of candy every Easter as a kid and so did all my friends. We always joked it was the one day of the year we were allowed to have candy for breakfast.

Do I let Liv binge on chocolate everyday? Of course not!! But she ate candy on Easter, more than she should have but it was a one time holiday thing. And she is allowed to have candy once in a while when it's not a holiday. I don't understand what the big hoopla is. She is slender, athletic, super smart and better behaved than these all natural, organic kids.

I think parents have gotten so uptight over the years. I know obesity is a problem in America and there are bad things in processed foods so I do watch what Liv eats but I let her have a little fun once in a while. I think these kids that are made to be so strict on their diet are going to rebel one day and it's really going to backfire on these parents. They were never allowed to have certain things so they will turn around and over indulge when they are able because they were always told no.

I don't know, maybe I am wrong. So moms I ask you: do you let your children have candy once in a while as a treat or am I going to hell? xoxo


  1. If you are going to hell for giving your child candy, I am right behind you! It's a holiday - live a little!!

  2. I'm not a parent yet, but I don't see myself ever getting upset about my child eating candy. Obviously it's not good to eat candy for dinner, but I don't think it's good to completely deprive kids of it either. A little candy never hurt anyone!

  3. i think candy as a treat now and then is totally normal! i was a pretty healthy kid and would totally get candy on holidays and ended up to be a normal person. i think sometimes when you restrict kids too much it can make them want that restricted thing even MORE!

  4. People need to fucking relax. Everything in moderation!!!!

  5. Nora's eggs were filled with tattoos, stickers and jelly beans. There's no reason that kids can't have a little bit of sugar in moderation. As long as that's not what they eat all day every day, they should be fine. We have a friend who's kid is not allowed to eat any processed foods or sugar at all - at the Easter egg hunt at church, there were jellybeans and when her Mom wasn't looking, she was stuffing her face full of them. And she's only 4. Restricting can cause horrible eating habits.