Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet Allison of Because I Said So

Hi!! Happy hump day! I've really been enjoying the fact that the super adorable Allison of Because I Said So has been hanging out on my sidebar this month. I am enjoying getting to know her and still learning more. I wanted all you to have an opportunity to get to know her as well so I asked her 10 random questions and here are her answers. 

 1 - Describe yourself in 5 words.
 Classy, sometimes sassy and goal-oriented

 2 - Describe your typical day.
 Typical day. Ok. I get up around 7:30, turn on the today show. It's really the only time I watch the news. I shower, get dressed and ready for work, and most of the time write a last minute blog post. Sometimes I eat breakfast (although lately breakfast is just ibuprofen #bracesprobs) and then walk Laney. Work 9-5 pm consists of answering calls, social media upkeep, and selling the event space. I follow up on leads, send out proposals, and honestly it really changes day to day. Bridal shows, network events, outside sales calls could pop up. Which to me is the fun part--I hate being cooped up inside at a desk. After work, I come home and play with Laney, eat dinner, watch tv with the boyfriend when he gets home from work. Clean maybe? Gym maybe? Bath and bed. I'm so boring---this made me realize that I should add something more interesting to my daily routine.

 3 - Why do you blog?
 Blogging, for me, is like a journal. That people read and can comment with their advice on the particular subject. I blog for a creative outlet and really to learn about myself and others.

 4 - What is your dream job?
 My dream job is to not have to work, but want to work. Maybe something with animals or for a fabulous boutique doing their social media and blogging. Idk lol

 5 - Deserted island. What are the three things that you would need to bring?
Joshua--because he's handy and I would die on my own.     A book--because it'll get boring.                                             Fresh water--because duh.

 6 - Give us three of your guilty pleasures.
 Disney movies, amaretto sours, and Cadbury cream eggs!

 7 - What is your most embarrassing moment?
 My most embarrassing moment hmm I'm so bad at these. I mean my whole life is sometimes an embarrassing moment sooo...

 8 - What is your greatest accomplishment?
 Greatest accomplishment so far is probably graduating college and living on my own. Getting out of my parents house was an accomplishment all on its own--I'm officially a big girl.

 9 - In store shopping or online shopping?>
 Store! I love the attention and help from chatty sales girls!

 10 - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 In five years oh geez I'll be almost 28--holy moly. Umm hopefully I'll be married and have traveled to Europe. I'll have a house with a yard or a fabulous loft condo--that J will let me decorate.

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