Monday, May 12, 2014

Sh*t Women Say

Voyage of the Mee Mee

I usually link up monthly for Sh*t Men Say and was excited when I heard things were getting switched up to hear all the crazy sh*t women say. I don't have the hubby doing this by recalling some dumb stuff I am sure I have said but rather I am going to share some real humdingers that have been said to me by women.

* I was working with a new girl at my old job and was helping her invoice a client. The client's bill was $15 and the client handed newbie a twenty dollar bill. She just sat there for a minute looking really dumbfounded. After about ten seconds I took the twenty from her and opened the drawer and gave the guy his $5 change. She then looked at me and said: "I really son't do math." WTF? We might have a problem then. I told her she could use a calculator if she needs to and she says, wait for it..." I like subbtract the little number from the big number?" Yes, genius, yes. Needless to say, she only lasted about a week.

* Then there was this one time I was on line at the post office the day after having my hair dyed blonde. I overheard two girls on line behind me saying, "Her hair looks good, it looks so natural." I turned to them and they complimented my hair and I said thank you but then one of the girls says: "I like really like it. I hate when girls dye their hair blonde and it has that little bit of black at top. So not natural." Yeah.....they're called roots, the only reason I don't have any is because my hair was done yesterday. Sigh....

* I was at a McDonald's in the city and the girl who was taking my order said to me: "Oh my God, your eyes are so gorgeous. Are they real?" Ummm....yes, the last time I checked. I mean I have vision and all.

As you can see we cannot just pin all the dumbass sh*t on the men. Women can come up with some pretty stupid sh*t as well. What are some silly things another women has said to you? Or better yet, have you said anything embarrassing? xoxo


  1. Haha too funny! You're right....we can't always blame it on the men!

  2. New to your blog! I love it!... and I try not to do math in public also BUT I at least know how to use a calculator!! :)

  3. "Are they real" made me laugh. Although I am abysmal at math and with the added pressure of people watching me I make really, really stupid mistakes! x

  4. Are they real?? Haha... How do you even respond to that? My favorite is when my pediatrician walked in, looked at my baby girl, dressed in pink with an obnoxious bow on her head and said "HE is so cute!!" We request a different doctor now. :)

  5. The girl that can't subtract which is what; elementary school math? I wonder how her life is turning out!!