Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We Are Judging You: 5 Tips For Your First Day At Your New Job

Starting a new job?! I don't want to make your more nervous than you already are but yes, you are being judged. Probably more from your new co-workers than your boss. I have been around the work force enough to see what happens when somebody new starts. Your new co-workers are judging you and criticizing a lot of what you do. Some are more forgiving and others can be down right mean. I have compiled a few tips to help you shine on your big day. Some tips may seem obvious and others not so obvious but if you keep these in mind, it will help you be a success.

1 - Be On Time. Obvious right? Well, I have witnessed people show up late on their first day. What they were thinking? I don't know. I actually suggest being 10-15 minutes early. This also allows a little time in case you experience an unexpected traffic delay, etc. That being said, do not arrive too early. You want to make sure your boss is ready for you. I have also seen people show up an hour early and their new boss was not ready for them yet resulting in the manager seeming a bit short and impatient.

2 - Dress Appropriately. Make sure you are clear on the dress code before your start date. And when you attend interviews try to observe what others are wearing so you have an idea of how your co-workers interpret that dress code. If your office is business casual but you notice people wearing jeans with flip flops, I wouldn't recommend going that casual when you first start but this shows you that you would be way overdressed in a suit at that particular office. You want to fit in, at least when you are new, you don't want to be under dressed or look too way over the top, like you are trying too hard.

3 - Be Friendly But Not Too Friendly. Smile, introduce yourself, etc. You may not think it is possible to be to friendly but it is especially when you are brand new at a job. The one complaint I hear over and over again is people saying the newbie is "too comfortable too quick."  How does this happen? Say you overhear two of your co-workers talking about something and you quickly jump in their conversation. This is okay, to do a little when you are new but DO NOT overdo it. As time goes by, you will be included in these conversations more and more, just let it happen naturally. Don't push it. As I said be friendly and try to initiate some conversations but a little bit goes a long way.

4 - Ask Questions. I think a common misconception is that people think they should try to ask as little questions as possible when at a new job. WRONG!! You are being judged for not asking enough questions and being conceived as a know-it-all or a dimwit who is probably doing everything wrong. Think about your questions and try to word and express your questions in a manner that seems intelligent but please ask! Nobody expects you to have no questions.

5 - Relax. Everybody was the new guy at some point. You will have questions, be nervous and unsure but if you work hard and be yourself you will become a new superstar at your job. Don't worry if some of your new co-workers seem catty and unfriendly towards you in the beginning. They probably just want to make sure you will be around a while before letting you in their circle. Don't take it personal.

I hope these tips give you some insight on how to be prepared for your first day at your new job. Good luck and be the star you are!! xoxo


  1. My husband is starting a new job on Tuesday. He works in IT and so you either really dress up in business wear or you dress down. It just depends on the company. With his old company it was dress up, with his new company everyone was dressed down. He is double checking the dress code today just to make sure he doesn't embarrass himself.


  2. This came at the perfect time... I start my new job on Tuesday! :)

  3. As an owner and having new employees I always find it so uncomfortable to watch new employees on their first day. They are suck ups, uncomfortable themselves and tend to over analyze. But I completely remember being there. It's tough stuff!