Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Dancing With The Stars Finale Prediction

This has got to be one of the arguably toughest seasons to call on Dancing With The Stars. This past week's performances were definitely finale quality with the 10s flying rampant. And it was shocking to see to Charlie go home, although I was okay with that because I love the others just a little more.

Normally, when I occasionally write these reality TV posts I have a clear cut winner in my mind. I am pretty confident in who I think should win and who I think will actually win and I am correct most of the time. I have to say this is the first time I am completely stumped. I don't know who I want to win and I don't have a feeling in which way America will vote. This is just a testament to how great this season actually is. Let's break it down.

First up..Candace. Unfortunately for her I think she will place 4th. This I am almost certain of. Does she give us great performances? YES! Is she America's Sweetheart? For sure. But the competition is just that steep this year. I think she was even stunned when she found out this past week that she wasn't even in jeopardy as was I. I honestly didn't think she would make the finale and I don't think she believed she would either. As I said, she is a good dancer and super sweet but I don't think that's enough this year. And I personally, am not a fan of her goody good, overly religious views. I think she will gain lots of votes because of this but lose lots of votes as well. You are either on board or you are not. I understand you have your beliefs but dressing sexy doesn't make you a slut, you are just playing a part, acting. This was the one thing that annoyed me about her. Although, I will say I notice she dressed a little more risque as the season progressed.

James...Ahhhh James....He may not be the best dancer left but who cares!! Although, he is pretty damn good and he has consistently improved every single week, which is always something America likes to see. Do I think he belongs in the finale? Absolutely!! He is a hard worker, gives us great performances, the chemistry between him and Peta is insane and he is great eye candy. I was a little nervous he was going to be eliminated this past week and was overjoyed when he wasn't even in jeopardy. Congrats James!! Do I think he'll win? Most likely not but would I be upset if he did? Not at all.

Next up...Amy. This is a tough one for me. Is she one of the greatest inspirations I've seen in a long time? Heck yes! She is hands down one of the best dancers this season even being an amputee. The judges have always judged her the same as everyone else with no special treatment and so will I. Although, she is inspirational and a great dancer, there is some sort of disconnect for me. I honestly cannot put my finger on it. Maybe I feel like she was set up to be the winner right from the beginning. I don't know. Maybe I just feel like her and Derek are the golden couple and they appear to be putting on an act at times. I might be out of my mind here so please tell me if you agree. Do I think she'll win? Quite possibly. I think it's between her and Meryl and it's a toss up at this point. Do I want her to win? Not really. Is that bad?

Last up. Meryl. As I am writing this post it made me realize I really want Meryl and Maks to win but more for Maks than for Meryl. It's about time he wins a mirror ball and Meryl has certainly brought out the best in him. I really hope they are a couple because they are adorable together. It was so cute seeing Maks so giddy after their perfect show this past week. He looked so joyous and it was contagious. Meryl made me fall in love with Maks. Okay so besides this possible budding romance, Meryl is the best dancer this season. TV gold! Will they win? I hope so!!! But Amy will give them a run for their money. I think they will be guaranteed the win if they have a nice romantic kiss at the end of one of their numbers on Monday. We've been waiting for it! Give us what we want!!!

There you have it. My thoughts and predictions for The Dancing With The Stars finale. I may have been a little tough on some of the contestants but it's only because there is such a tight competition this year. No matter what  I said, I truly enjoy all the contestants that remain and cannot wait for Monday!! I predict it will be the best show of all time!! xoxo


  1. I like the way you think!!!

  2. I agree with what you had to say!!!

  3. A. 100% agree with you on Candace. I'm actually really upset that she made it through the last two rounds. She's sweet, but she's not a great dancer. This is a dance competition, not a Christianity competition.
    B. I love Amy, and don't have the same disconnect that you do, however I want her firmly in 2nd place. She's a wonderful dancer, and I have enjoyed seeing her judged fairly and non-partially.
    C. MERYL AND MAKS, MERYL AND MAKS, MERYL AND MAKS!!! I want them to win and be cute and happy and married and be together forever. Their tango was absolutely breathtaking and phenomenal and I just can't stop my heart from pitter pattering when I think about it. *sigh*

    Okay, so now that I've revealed that I'm a HUGE DWTS nerd (even though this is my first season ever to watch) I'm going to leave you with an A+ for your opinions about this season. Oh, and James should come in 3rd.

  4. I totally forgot about DWTS and haven't watched it at all! hahaha

  5. I watch this show without fail every week so when I saw a post on it I had to read!! :) I agree with just about everything you said on here. I really respect Candace for standing up about her beliefs - whether anyone agrees with her beliefs it's not easy to say the things she says on TV. It's just not done in this day and age in pop culture/mainstream media. As far as dancing goes, she's cute and fun but she's not as good as the others, period. Your thoughts on Amy - I feel the EXACT same way. I don't connect with her and I don't know why. She's amazing yes, but just not my fav. I like James the best. Peta has always been a fav of mine and the two of them are great! I know Maks and Merryl will probably win and I have mixed feelings about it... a kiss and admitting they are a couple would make me happy and Maks does deserve a win!! Thanks for posting your thoughts, I enjoyed reading them! :)

  6. I'm so torn between Derek and Amy and Maks. I really like Derek and you're right, Amy is an inspiration and I totally have loved that it didn't feel like she was ever getting special treatment. I have always gotten the feeling that those 2 would be the winners though, just because of all the circumstances. BUT Maks and Meryl potential romance has totally made me love them! Is that weird? I immediately liked them more when the romance rumors were floating around! I'll be happy with either one of those as the winner.