Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Backhanded Compliment

Let's discuss the backhanded compliment. You know those "compliments" you are given where you don't know whether or not to smile and say thanks or slap a b*tch. I've had the urge to do the latter much more often lately. The following are not compliments people!! So just refrain from using any of these.

"You have such a pretty face!" Why thanks! But I guess not such a pretty body since you only addressed my face. You could have said "You're so pretty!" and left it there but thanks for pointing out my insecurities about my body. I guess I should be grateful you complimented me at all being for an inferior non-stick figure.

"Are you sick? You normally have such a pretty glow." I actually feel just fine just didn't have time to apply my makeup this morning. Thanks for informing me that I look like a sick zombie without it.

"I like this hair color so much better." Thanks I guess. But let me just clarify, you were lying when you said you liked my hair color last time around?

"You're so much smarter than you look." Well thank you. Just because I dye my hair blonde on occasion it doesn't mean all my brain cells are gone. I think it's so awesome we are still judging intelligence on appearance. Makes total sense.

"What a great knock-off!" Obviously not! Do you find it absolutely necessary to let me know that you know it's not the real deal. Hmph!

"You're so lucky you get to sit home with your daughter all day." (Said from a non mother) - All I can do is laugh at this one. First of all, I work from home and watch my daughter but that aside, the last thing I do is sit. I chase her here, chase her there, get her this, get her that, etc., etc. When I am not doing that I need to do my job which pays my bills. But yeah, I'm lucky and pulling all my gray hairs out. As a mother who has both worked and stayed home, going to work is so much easier than staying home, hands down. The best revenge for this will be when this person finally has a child and they can see first hand, how "relaxing" it is.

What about you? What backhanded compliments have you received? And do you think the person was being intentionally obnoxious or were they just plain clueless?


  1. Ugh. Some of these are really bad. I will admit to saying the last one; that someone is lucky they get to stay at home with child but at least I have the common sense to realize that it's not easy and is still work (just a slightly more gratifying kind with less pay [ok zero pay] then the typical office variety!!). It's better to not give a compliment at all it's going to be a passive aggressive one.

  2. Oh those are the worst! Although I don't mind pretty face since that is so different from the rest of the body. But still, yes!

  3. Bahahaha... "are you sick?" No, but thanks for telling me I look like a busted bag of dicks!

  4. I hate the "are you sick?" one! Not sure if this even counts as a "compliment"... but my boss told me once that I looked "sexy as hell". Ummm, thank you?!

  5. I can;t believe someone would say half of these things. UGH. Not cool.