Thursday, May 8, 2014

5 Things That Irk Me...

It's a rainy day here on Long Island so I figured I would share a few things that I am not fond of in this world. Hey, why not, right?!

1 - The Pringles Container.  How is my chubby man hand supposed to grab chips when the container is half empty? Gosh, I have difficulty when the container is almost full. Sheesh! Although, perfectly shaped potato chips are pretty cool.

2 - People who are perpetually late and better yet those who use the excuse that they have babies or toddlers as the reason. Before all you mommies jump down my throat, I am a mom to an extremely stubborn 2 year old so I get it. I unfortunately have to start getting ready an hour before I used to to ensure being on time. That being said sometimes, something happens like a spit up accident while we are running out the door or whatever and we're late. It's ok, once in a while, that's not what bothers me, it's the people who use it as an excuse EVERY time. Plan ahead for these mishaps people.

3 - Unorganized lines. Yes, I think I may have a touch of OCD. I can wait forever on a line if it's organized, best with ropes and things because I know there is some sort of order and people are being taken care of in the correct order. I hate when I go into a crowded deli, for example, and there are crowds of people everywhere with no obvious line. Where do I go? Once I figure it out it gets frustrating because in these sort of situations lots of people use this opportunity to cut the line and jump ahead. Dirt bags!

4 - People who think the world is out to get them. You know these people. They are always crying "woe is me." and have it so much worse than everyone else. We all have our own hardships and battles, each of which are difficult in their own unique way. Shut up already and try to be positive at least once in a while. Don't get me wrong we all, myself included, have our pity party days but come on people do you have to throw that party every day.

5 - Fitting rooms with bad lighting and horrible mirrors. Okay, so I know it's not the lighting or the mirror that's making me look fat, it's the fact that I cannot resist a piece of cake or a bag of chips but some lighting is just more flattering than others. And we all know that there are some mirrors we look so much better in. Retail big wigs: we will buy more when we are happy with how we look. Have the best lighting and those "skinny" mirrors in your fitting rooms or else we leave frustrated in tears. This is a no brainer. Skinny feeling customers buy more! Period.

What are some things that irk you? Would love to know!! xoxo


  1. My area has a community online yard sale. I was selling something and was meeting a lady so she could buy it. She picked the time and the the place. I get there and receive a message saying she was going to be at least 15 minutes late because she forgot to get her kid dressed. GRR! I hate late people too!!!


  2. I hate unorganized lines too. I need order and I don't like to stand there wondering if I'm really next or Not. The woe is me people get to me too. I used to be one of them and it's very sad. They are probably really unhappy. I was.

  3. I can't stand when people are always late. LEAVE EARLIER. It's not rocket science.

  4. 4 and 5 get on my nerves too! I have a friend that cries EVERY SINGLE TIME we hang out. I can't take it. Like seriously, woman! Get ahold of yourself! and though I think the world isn't out to get me, I KNOW fitting room mirrors are! Eeek, I hate those when shopping!