Monday, January 19, 2015

Are You Blogging For The Masses?

I had a thought many months ago while trying to come up with some post ideas, who am I blogging for? I had felt that at that point most of my posts wouldn't really interest any of my non-blogging friends. (Kind of like this post.) That many of my posts had to do with blogging tips or blogging issues and the only audience for those types of posts are other bloggers.

I also found that there were several bloggers that I had followed at that time that were only writing about the dos and donts of blogging and I wondered if it was their intention to only appeal to bloggers. If it is there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I wanted more because even as a blogger I quickly lost interest in the blogs that I felt were always lecturing me about how I should be blogging. I wanted my blog to appeal to everyone, whether you are a blogger or not and if you are a blogger I wanted to keep your interest.

I do realize that most if not all of my loyal followers are in fact bloggers and I love them to pieces but  I want to see my posts trending one day and I think the only way to do that is to make my posts have a broader appeal.  My blog is sometimes "all over the place" but I have been making a big effort to try and write material that will appeal to everyone and by everyone I mean everyone in my demographic of followers not just the bloggers in that demo.

I have found that my most popular posts are indeed the posts that have mass appeal such as my DIY tutorial posts, my photography posts and posts having to do with major events I have participated in such as The Color Run. The other things these posts have in common are very "pinnable" images and all the repins drive more traffic to my blog. Although, I do have to admit that my posts that have to do with blogging tips do get many page views but as I stated earlier that is not the only audience I am blogging for.

I think in it very important to take a step back and really think about who you want your target audience to be and make sure that you are indeed creating content for that audience. It is easy to lose sight of the direction you originally intended for your blog so it is always beneficial to take a moment and think about these things. I always think a little direction is good and establishing who you want to be reading your blog is a great way to do just that.

So who do you blog for? Do you have a specific target audience or do you just blog about whatever you feel like and whoever reads it reads it?


  1. i have been working on figuring out my audience too. i like to do posts about blogging but also want to have a broader audience as well. for me, i'm just working on finding a balance of both types of posts.

  2. i love reading blogs that are full of random things/ thoughts. I think it keeps the blog fresh. I tend to get tired of reading the same things over and over and again.

  3. I feel exactly the same! I even took a break from blogging to redirect my thoughts! My favorite blogs are the ones that tend to talk about life and reality!

  4. Great question...helps to keep you focused I think. I love writing blogging tips but you are so right...that appeals to only the bloggers. Like you I tend to be all over the place...whatever strikes my fancy. I just hope that each post is relatable to someone. I don't want to pigeon hole myself into one particular type of post. I'd get too bored as would my readers!

  5. The blog world is flooded with those types of post for that very reason. Those posts get a lot of traffic. If that's the only thing you post I personally am going to get bored and it doesn't seem authentic; but I don't see a problem with throwing them in there now and then. I'm all over the place too!! But I guess I'm okay with that.