Friday, January 30, 2015

To Olivia On Your 3rd Birthday

Dear Olivia,

You will be turning 3 in two days and you continuously amaze me in so many ways. So much has been thrown at our family in the past month, more than you can possibly comprehend. Even though you are at that "difficult" age, not really wanting to listen and anxious to do everything on your own you can sense when mommy needs a hug and know when I really need you to listen to get through some hard things. You know when mommy really needs you and are there.

You are currently attending your first year of nursery school which didn't start off too well. You screamed and cried and wanted me to stay with you but after a few weeks of (mommy) staying strong you got used to it and grew to love it. Now you run through the door and don't even look back and although this may make me a little sad it makes me proud to know my little girl is independent as she can be and is ready to take on the world with the look of excitement in her eyes.

You are sassy and defiant and want to only do things on your terms. We try to let you know you aren't the boss and need to listen to your father and I but part of me is secretly glad for your bold attitude. I know you aren't a pushover and will not be a follower. It is clear to everyone even at this early age that you are a leader. That being said we will not tolerate disrespect but will embrace your thoughts and ideas.

You are funny and could probably have your own stand up routine. We are constantly asking ourselves where does she come up with this stuff. Today you were a Chinese ballerina who only eats bamboo and rice paper, yesterday you were a vampire and the day before that you were pulling down your pants, bending over and telling me to "lick your butt." Highly inappropriate I might add and you were told to never say that again to anyone. I still think your all time one liner was the time you burped really loud in Friendly's and said "Excuse me! My mouth farted."

You love to create and do "projects" and help mommy with her beads. Although, you tend to "swipe" them and hide them in the "trunk" of that car you zoom around in. You love to play with you dolls and take care of all your babies and animals. You want to be a doctor and are constantly asking "who needs a check up?" You love to sing and dance and perform like mommy did. You got a microphone for Christmas and love putting on shows after we announce you of course. "Ladies and gentlemen...." Your favorite things to sing are the Doc McStuffin songs, Shake It Off, All About That Base and Boom Clap.

There is so much more that I could write all night but I think you get the idea. You are an extremely special little girl whom I love with all of my heart and soul. There is nobody like you. I cannot wait to experience the next year and a lifetime of birthdays with you. I love you Livy!! Happy birthday!! xoxo


  1. SHE IS THE SWEETEST THING. This makes me excited to me a mom!

  2. You can see the "spark" in all of her photos, and I especially love the beach photo. Happy Birthday Olivia!