Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ballsy Photos

Happy Monday!! I thought I'd give you all a laugh this Monday and share a story I shared with the lovely Karli and her readers over at September Farm some time ago.

I am a photographer and this confessional of mine has to do with an almost HUGE photography blunder for one of my first clients.

I always loved photography from a young age and after taking some adult ed photography classes and getting  rave reviews on my photography I decided I wanted to do photography for a living. I started off doing some photos for friends and family for free to build my portfolio to help me get paid gigs.

Well, I was lucky enough that things happened pretty quickly and I was finally doing what I loved for a living. One of my first clients hired me to take some family portraits at a park. Things went well and I was happy with all the shots I got. I couldn't wait to go home afterwards and edit the photos and see the final product.

I was so anxious I edited the photos immediately and was so happy with the results. My sister came over that evening and she happened to minor in photography in college so I showed her the photos on my computer to get her opinion. We were looking through them and she was loving them until she said "Wait. Go back to that last photo. What's that????!!!!"

I look closely and I honestly didn't see what she happened to see. She then bent forward to really look at screen and said: "Oh my God!! Are those his balls??!!" I replied : "What?" and then looked at the dad's crotch in horror. His jeans had apparently split in the crotch and in this photo (and a few others) they were sitting on a park bench and his balls were completely exposed flowing out of the hole in his pants.

At first, I was horrified. How did I miss this??!! How did I almost send a client a disk of family photos where in several of them the dad had his sh*t out for everyone to see??!! But honestly when editing photos I am looking at the faces, the smiles, making sure everyone's eyes are open. I am not usually drawn to the nether regions. After my initial reaction of horror, my sister and I sat there and laughed for a solid half hour. How did this guy not know his junk was out?!

Regardless to say, I tossed the initial disk I had made for the client and re-cropped the photos to be ball-less. All I have to say is thank the Lord, I had my sister look at the pictures and discover this tiny indiscretion because that would have been slightly awkward when they got there family photo blown up huge to frame and there are balls right in their face. But crisis averted!!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! HAHAHA! What a nightmare!! I would have died! Thank goodness you caught this!!

  2. OMG....that is awesome and horrible at the same time!

  3. HAHA that's a fantastic story. How did he not realize, though? Did he not feel the breeze?


  5. Oh my gosh, HAHA! How hilarious & horrifying!
    Thanks for linking up with the best of the blogosphere! :) Be sure to link up another post on monday