Monday, January 12, 2015

Not All Bad Etsy Shop Reviews Are Legit

Am I a lover of Etsy?! Heck yes!! Do you I have several Etsy shops? Yes I do!! Because of the fact that I both buy and sell on Etsy I have made a disturbing observation: not all bad Etsy shop reviews are warranted.

I have been blessed with all 99% positive reviews on all transactions in my shops which goes hand in hand with the fact that I take these shops very seriously, they are my primary source of income. I started a new custom frame shop last year and have received a few complaints all of which were unwarranted. Let me explain. I am very clear in my item descriptions that the photo frames I use are wood craft frames with no glass front and no backer. Not only do I state that in each listing and provide photos, I also state that on my front shop page. But I got a few poor reviews stating frame did not have glass or backer.

Read people!!! It's so frustrating. Why are you leaving me a poor review, hurting my sales because you didn't read the item description before purchasing? If you want a frame with glass and a backer, trust me, I completely understand so don't purchase from my shop. If I legitimately did something wrong and deserve the bad review, bring it but when I am upfront about something before you purchase why are you penalizing me for it after you receive. Or private message me after you receive and 'fess up that you didn't read the description and maybe we can work something out but don't automatically put me on blast for your indiscretion.

Being that I take my shops seriously these couple poor reviews made me really upset so I started checking out some other shop reviews. I looked for shops that had a lot of sales and primarily positive feedback and what I found was really really upsetting. Shops could have five stars after five stars and then there is a one star review. I read what the complaint was and again they were complaining about something that was given in the info in the item description. For example, one person wrote "I didn't think it would be that small." But in all these shop's listings the dimensions are given. If the buyer was unsure of the size they should have whipped out a ruler before ordering. Again a lazy buyer is hurting someone's legit business. I found instances like this over and over again.

Don't get me wrong are there poorly run shops with bad products? Yes, of course there are so you do need to be careful when purchasing and look at sales and reviews but please do yourself and the shop owner a favor and read the bad reviews. If a shop has almost all positive reviews and you see just a handful of bad ones, read the reviews. In almost all instances you will find complaints about something that was openly mentioned in item description and in that case the shop was not at fault.

So now I will step down off my soapbox and wish you a wonderful day!! xoxoxo


  1. I agree with you. When I read reviews, I try to see if the bad review is warranted or not.

  2. Some people just like to complain about everything! You definitely have to sift through them to see if it's just a complainer or something legitimate. It's not Amazon it's Etsy. People should really consider the impact on small businesses before they just complain about things that are not warranted.

  3. Great advice - I am in the works of starting an Etsy shop and my main concern was getting bad feedback, but it happens! Can't make everyone happy... Great post!

  4. I definitely try to figure out the reason for the bad review. I don't just accept bad reviews on their face and assume that the positive ones are unwarranted. And I usually find that bad reviews are posted by people who don't know what they're talking about.

  5. Very well said! I think bad reviews should be taken into consideration but only as a guideline. Some people thrive on writing bad reviews and will do so unless something is absolutely perfect. Just as with anything else, research should be done first before a person automatically assumes a shop or business is "bad".