Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY: Valentine's Day Wreath

I have a super easy Valentine's DIY project for you today.

1 - Gather your supplies.
You will need tulle in colors desired, a foam wreath, some sort of festive garland and of course scissors.

2- Cut your tulle.
Cut a large pile of tulle. I cut mine in 12" strips.

3- Tie tulle around wreath.
I just tied the tulle around the wreath in simple double knots and kept the "poof" to the outside. Continue until entire wreath is covered.

4- Add your garland.
You will notice the garland I added is different than one in supply photo because unfortunately the original garland I got wouldn't lay right so I thought this was a cute substitute. I simply tucked the garland under the tulle tied around the wreath on the back side. And most craft stores have an array of festive garlands for you to choose.

5- Tie loop for hanging.
I took a longer piece of tulle and simply tied it at top leaving a big loop for hanging. And voila! You are finished.

This project can be replicated for any holiday with some color changes. Hope you enjoy! xoxo