Monday, March 18, 2013

Erin Go Brrrr....Montauk Parade 2013

How was the Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade? I was really too busy shivering to notice.  My husband and I along with our daughter, Olivia and my friend Stacia took the hour and a half long trip out east to Montauk to meet my sister and nephew. It was my decision to head out early to beat the traffic and have some time to walk up and down Main Street before the crowds but with approximately 35 degree temps along with the wind that was probably a mistake. The last thing we needed was an extra hour and a half in the cold. At least Joe and Stacia were able to get their 10am chowder.
Yes, they are eating chowder at 10am
So after my daughter threw a complete hissy fit Joe was forced to sit in the car with her, he probably had the best deal because at least he had heat.  We were all anxiously awaiting the start of the parade and were honestly quite frustrated that it started almost a half hour late. After already waiting in the cold for two hours we just weren't in the mood for it any longer. It seemed a little shorter than usual and we couldn't have been happier to pack up and head to the warmth of the car.
Olivia and Joe came out to enjoy a little bit of the parade
Well, I will probably look back and laugh at this whole experience in a few weeks but I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong it was largely my own fault for bringing a one year old to a parade an hour and a half away in extremely cold temperatures. I think we will stay local next year so worse case scenario we just go home. Here's to hoping next St. Patty's is a little warmer.

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