Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Baby Girl!! Finally!!

'Lil Princess

Yesterday I finally got to do a photoshoot for a newborn baby girl. It has been boy after boy for the past few months and this was a great change of pace so I had to share my excitement. Not to mention, I was fortunate to have a mom with lots of her own awesome ideas. I am always coming up with my own concepts but sometimes with doing constant baby shoots, it's nice to have a new perspective. Here are a few of my favorite photos.
Have to give their mommy complete credit for this idea..Priceless!
Again, mom gets total credit for this construction
Beautiful girl!
Thanks for checking out some of my work. I cannot wait until Saturday until my shoot at Heckscher State Park where I will be getting to shoot a bunch of little models. I will be sure to share some of those as well.

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