Monday, March 4, 2013

Creating My Own Shabby Chic Headbands

Shabby chic headbands seem to still be all the rage for newborns through adults. Being a photographer and a mother of a baby girl I have ordered my fair share through Etsy. They look so good in the photos but when I receive them I can't help but think: "I could make that." It's not that they don't look good in person but when you get to hold it and really look at it you realize how simple they are to construct. I have an arsenal of craft supplies so last night I took out like 20 minutes and created two headbands I am quite proud of. Here they are:
I had St. Patty's fun on the brain
Love bright colors and bling 

All you need are some flowers, elastic, embellishments, felt for the back and your handy dandy hot glue gun. The construction is quick easy and super fun. The most time consuming part is finding all the supplies. I do this late night and on Etsy of course, I actually placed an order last night and can't wait to share my new creations. These headbands and headbands to come will be on sale in my Etsy Shop, Oh So Pretty Designs. Hope you check them out!

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