Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Man Easter Fashion

I've had the pleasure of photographing several adorable little boys over the past few weeks for Easter and I could not believe the swag they possessed.  One of the shallow reasons I wanted a girl was that I always felt there was a lot more cute and trendy clothing for the little ladies but I have been proven wrong.  Check out these to die for outfits.
Aidan rocking his sunglasses and suit
Alex sporting the plaid, vest and hat
Logan & TJ are double trouble in matching perfection
 Joel is keeping warm in his pea coat with fabulous hair
Matty is showing us total preppy cuteness
I hope I eventually have a boy at some point and I hope I can dress him as well as these cuties. You can see some more adorable photos of these models on my Facebook page: Jenny O Studios. Where do you find the best little man clothing?! Please share...


  1. omg super cute boys and girls! love how dapper and handsome the boys look and the clothing!

  2. your models are such darlings!! great pics!

  3. These are the cutest little boy outfits ever! I have a little girl but can't wait to have a boy too!

  4. These are really adorable! Love how fashion is coming to the little sizes.

  5. I too thought that girl clothes were the cutiest; and they still are cute, until my daughter had a little boy. Now, I realize that there are a lot of very cute little boy clothes out there.

  6. I agree with you and the others, I always thought little girls had the twee-est clothes! But not anymore. All these young gentlemen look dashing and classy! I love all the looks, from the swag of Aiden to Joel's obvious air of chill in that peacoat! Aww, I'm pretty sure all the parents left happy with these photos because you did a great job on them (along with the natural poses provided by the little men)! Now, if only these fashionable men would persuade the rest of the male population to dress just as nicely! Here's to hoping!