Monday, June 3, 2013

Keys....Where Art thou?!

So....I didn't have the best day...I had tons of errands to run and I could not find my keys. My daughter loves playing with my keys and I often find them in the most obscure places. Most recently I found them in a carton we were packing for our big move. I searched and searched with no luck. After about four hours I gave up. Needless to say I was in a horrible mood because I knew nothing was getting accomplished today. Hours later, I was packing some more and I finally found them partially shoved behind the back of a love seat and blocked by cartons with a garbage bag on top. I was relieved but by the time I found them I wasn't running any errands. Now I understand why people have key hooks on their walls. At least, I can get to work tomorrow.

On a side note: who watches Game of Thrones?!! Holy cow I could not believe this past Sunday's episode!! Craziness!! I can only hope that someone kills Joffrey next week. Although, every show needs someone to despise. Thoughts??!

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