Sunday, June 30, 2013

Must Have Tips For Taking Great Selfies

Hello everyone!  Seeing selfies flood social media and being guilty of snapping a few myself I sometimes wonder if everyone is as crazy as me with doing things a certain way to have them come out just right. So I decided to reach out to some fellow bloggers to see what their tips are for getting that perfect selfie.

 Marquis from Simply Clarke had this to say: " I make different faces and tilt my head in different ways to get the optimal results from all angles. By the end, I normally have about 10 different selfies to chose from. What can I say, I like practicing my modeling skills."

Michelle from The Nurse Mommy Blog had this important piece of advice, I hope everyone adheres to: " My biggest tip for selfies, if you're going to take one in the bathroom, clean the countertop and PLEASE close the TOILET! We don't want to see it!"

  Kassie from Going Green With the Grizls had a great tip:  "One tip I picked up on when I was younger is that if you aren't comfortable in a photo, it will show all over your face. Instead of trying to hold the perfect smile, or angle or whatever other people were doing to look "pretty", I just be myself and usually when I'm not concerned with how I look, I get some of the best photos. =)"

Dianna from Savings In Seconds had these two tips "My tip is to always go chin-up.  No one needs to see that double (triple) chin of mine, self-portrait or not!" and  "the crop feature is your friend." She even used her second tip and cropped her head out.

Alyca from A Table For Five said this: "My tip is to use the front camera on your cell phone so that you and your baby can see yourselves and then smile like a maniac in an effort to get the baby to smile too. See my daughter in the background? She's got it down."

Alyca also had advice for solo selfies: "As for taking a picture of myself solo, I only do that on the rare occasion that I have found the time to shower and fix my hair. I suggest making sure your huge pile of laundry is not in the background. I {unfortunately} have posted pictures to Facebook before realizing that my baby is photo bombing me wearing no diaper!"

My tip for taking selfies indoors is to be facing a window.  Make sure you pull up the blinds or pull back the curtains.  Looking into the light can make your eyes look really cool and vibrant.  I try to always do this to give myself, what I call,  "vampire eyes."

I hope you enjoyed reading through our pieces of advice.  I would love to hear your tips and rituals for taking selfies. Please share!

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