Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sole Viewer of Ready For Love?!

OMG Tim OMG!!! Really? Jenna...Really?! This is what I was thinking when Tim chose Jenna on the season finale of Ready For Love. But after a little more research I learned that my initial reaction may have been very wrong. Explanation to come.

So was I really one of the only ones that watched Ready For Love? ? I actually enjoyed this show and I liked the idea of the matchmakers helping both the guys and girls along on their journey. I have actually never seen The Bachelor or The Bachelorette but I couldn't imagine this being any worse than that so I was shocked when NBC pulled the plug on the show after only two episodes. But I religiously watched each week as it was put up on NBC on demand.

I actually am kind of shocked I liked the show so much because I couldn't stand most of the girls on the show.  So many self absorbed, annoying Barbies it was highly irritating and maybe I wasn't the only one who thought this and that is why the show did so poorly.  But I liked Tim and Ben. I could have done without Ernesto who seemed so in love with himself it was no wonder he never said " I love you" to anyone. But the other two were endearing.  I also liked all three matchmaker. Each had a different matchmaking style so I thought that brought something great to the show. And Bill and Giuliana Rancic were decent hosts.

This post would go on forever if I gave my thoughts on the entire show but here are some of my thoughts on each final match. We'll start with Ernesto since couldn't really stand him or any of his girls.  He choose Shandi the episode before the finale. Woohoo (sarcasm here)! They were perfect for each other both self absorbed and completely fake.I felt like throughout the whole season I barely learned a thing about Shandi except she was Miss USA. Who cares!

Next we'll go to Ben. I liked him throughout the season but I didn't really like any of the girls chosen for him. Angela did finally grow on me towards the end of the season and I was surprised and ecstatic when he chose her. And I was over the moon with the fact he proposed and how he did it. He's such a romantic! I really wanted to stand up and cheer with this outcome.

Finally here's the difficult one, Tim. I actually loved two of the girls chosen for him. Sarah and Hailey.  Hailey was actually my favorite on the whole show. The matchmakers gave her a hard time about her humor but she was the most relatable on the show. She seemed like someone you would want to hang out with and I was rooting for her the whole time.  It really annoyed me when the matchmakers got on her case because she was one of the only ones who didn't seem like she was putting on an act. I was disappointed when Tim let her go the week before the finale but I knew it was coming.

I thought he would pick Sarah who seemed like she would be a good match as far as a long term relationship. She seemed grounded and loyal.  Jenna seemed more like the girl who would be a fun fling but it would sizzle out so I was shocked and annoyed when Tim chose her and it made me think he wasn't looking for love just a hot girl to have fun with.

After the finale I was dying to know if these couples were still together since it was filmed almost a year ago.  Lo and behold,  the only couple that was still together is Jenna and Tim!! Total shocker!! It didn't surprise me that Ernesto and Shandi were not together because they could only truly love themselves but I was devastated to learn that Ben and Angela were no longer together. I am dying to know what happened.

So I have to admit I was wrong about Jenna. Apparently, her and Tim were a great match and she was in it for the long haul. After thinking about it I guess i can see why he chose Jenna. Sarah was a wonderful person but I can see where she might have seemed to motherly and too perfect. He might have felt that he would always have to live up to that where he can be himself with Jenna. So I now get it, Tim. I truly wish them the best!!

I am dying to know if anyone else watched and what you thought!!!!

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  1. I watched it as well and really liked it! I loved Tim! I can't believe more people didn't watch it and they cancelled it...loved Gulianna & Bill as the hosts.